How did Isabelle receive acceptance letters from UCLA and Georgetown University?


Isabelle 录取学校/Schools Admitted:Georgetown University, UCLA, UC San Diego 录取专业/Graduate Program:公共政治硕士 (Master of Public Policy, Class of 2021)

After studying abroad in Taiwan for a semester, Isabelle further developed her interests in public health. In her Statement of Purpose to graduate schools, she highlighted how living and studying in Taiwan allowed her to understand how abstract policy decisions impact individuals personally on a deep level. She then connected what she learned and what she wants to further learn, with why she wants to pursue public health in the specific graduate programs that she chose to apply for. Isabelle strives to reduce health disparities and improve the lives of individuals through policy. Isabelle said: “Sally helped me with my Statement of Purpose for a couple of different graduate schools for Masters of Public Policy. Helping me envision the big picture of what I wanted my Statement to say and the details of grammar and writing tools. Thanks Sally!”


Isabelle说: “我在申请几所研究生学院写作个人文书的过程中,Sally给了我很大的帮助, 她帮我设计了文书的总体结构规划和文书的具体细节,以及语法修正和如何运用写作技巧。 感谢Sally!”